3 thoughts on “Restaurant Loyalty Programs

  1. Dear Jitendra:
    You may be interested to know that Lalit’s mother is my Maosi. Yes We are related.

    Most people in USA know me simply as Ostaro. I am in show business.

    If you feel like contact me at my Email address. You happen to have my name also, but that is a different story.
    I live in NYC. Best wishes to your family. If curious try Youtube.com/ostaro


  2. Namaskar.
    My name is Marina Legat and I am just finishing my Diploma work about Loyalty programs for the University ‘Singidunum’ of Tourism and leisure management in Belgrade, Serbia.

    My research brought me to Punchh and I got chills reading about it.
    Please do let me know if Punchh is going to take of in Europe too.
    If i start my own business, you are a solution to many marketing and promotional problems I could face.

    Many greetings,


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