Observations from India

We just got back from an extended break in India. Some observations:

1. Election buzz is everywhere in India.

2. North India seems to be a whole lot more engaged in the elections compared to the south.

3. Roads, railways and airlines infrastucture is much improved in India…Now if they can solve the last mile problem for travel.

4. In the villages, a lot more people are excercising these days. Over a number of trips, I saw kids from villages and cities alike, getting up early in the morning and running on the roads, parks and streets. Gone are the days when I used to be the only person running. People and dogs no longer look at you with interest, if you are running. Very welcome change.

5. Yoga has taken off in India. All my relatives are all over it. Based on some convincing testimonials I decided to attend a yoga camp as well. 

Yoga is really focused on exercising the internal organs of the body and it really works. Interesting that all the voice training exercise for singers in the west are practically copied from Yoga (here, here etc.).

6. Lucknow is the place to go for authentic kababs. The kabab’s are called tunde kabab’s are somewhat like aloo tikkies and are served with special parathas  and roomali rotis. All I can say is yum!!! (check out the video of the scene of crime). 

7. Olive oil is still hard to find in India. In a superstore in Pilani, where the owner insisted that they had olive oil, I finally located it in the hair oil section. Apparently the shop owner believes that the only possible use of olive oil is for hair care. 

8. IPL cricket is doing really well this year despite being in South Africa. Its and interesting mixture of sports and entertainment with bollywood stars as owners of teams (great investment buying a team btw). There is even a gossip blogger for the IPL now. 


9. DVR’s and HD TV are finally available in India and they work good. 

10. Credit cards are accepted pretty much everywhere in cities these days…Not so much in towns and villages. (Not one store accepting credit card in Pilani e.g.)


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