State of Blogosphere

The new state of the blogosphere report (its called Live Web now – interesting repositioning by Technorati) is out now…Some of the interesting takeaways from the report are:

1. The total number of blogs is increasing (we already were counting 80M). Technorati is now tracking 70M blogs. Below is how the growth curve looks and it is following kinda of the same pattern we expected.

2. While the growth rate is slowing down (law of large numbers) the influence of the blogosphere/citizen media/Live Web is increasing in a big way (22 blogs in top 100 media influencers compared to 9 last time)


3. Tagging of content is on the rise…It looks like tagsonomy is here to stay.


4. Blogosphere is becoming more global.

Net Net…Blogosphere is maturing. More people know about blogs so the kind of blog accounts where users were experimenting with starting a blog and then abandoning is slowing down and so the size is growing but more reasonably.

Update (more data from web 2.o via RWW)

David Sifry notes that influential bloggers post more frequently, on average twice a day. Whereas “magic middle” bloggers (about 3M) post on average once a day. Also influential bloggers have been at this at least 1-2 years. Finally, 88% of the top 100 is different than one year ago – i.e. it’s very fluid.




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