Wireless Power

Let’s taking a geek detour from the regular programming…I gotta talk about this new development in the area of delivering power to mobile devices, wirelessly. This technology has been on the top of my list of technologies that have potential to change the world (similar to Internet). Imaging mobile devices in remote parts of the planet, transmitting useful information and getting power from a satellite (I might be getting a little ahead of reality here :-)). This could do so much for monitoring environment changes, animal species or even powering environment friendly cars. How about using such a technology to transmit solar power to Earth. This could solve a lot of our power issues.

This kind a technology will be especially useful in third world countries like India where regular power supply is intermittent and as a result critical infrastructure development suffers. Check out the writeup at BBC, engadnet, Techdirt, JasonKolb, CrunchGear and Slashdot. See below for how the basic idea works with “resonance”.


1) Power from mains to antenna, which is made of copper

2) Antenna resonates at a frequency of 6.4Mhz, emitting electromagnetic waves

3) ‘Tails’ of energy from antenna ‘tunnel’ up to 5m (16.4ft)

4) Electricity picked up by laptop’s antenna, which must also be resonating at 6.4Mhz. Energy used to re-charge device

5) Energy not transferred to laptop re-absorbed by source antenna. People/other objects not affected as not resonating at 6.4Mhz

Now if we can only get this thing to work efficiently and with no adverse side-effects…


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