SMC unconference in SF

Today I went to the social media club (SMC) event in San Francisco…Great people, great conversations and great event. Kudos to the organizers…One thing I hated was paying for the parking in the city – $30 for 3 hours is just too much for us suburb denizens.

I participated in an interesting discussion on the topic of trust and reputation in the social media…Lively discussion with varied perspectives.

Another highlight was the demo from 3B UK…These folks provide visualization technology for displaying all sorts of things like products (mall), pictures etc. in a 3D interactive, environment…Cool technology and slick graphics. One drawback – you gotta download a desktop app to get the visualization…This could be a significant hurdle to adoption.

Overall – I am signed up for the SMC mailing list and I am looking forward to the next event.


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