Trust, or shall we say distrust, in American society

Check out the fascinating study titled – An examination of trust in contemporary American society – about what do people trust in American society. It looks like

Interestingly, respondents were loath to name a medium that they found trustworthy, and even when they did, the designated medium was not trusted nearly as well as family members or other close associates. In fact, regardless of the nature of the issue—personal, political, or professional—respondents indicated consistently high levels of trust for family members and friends. Additionally, respondents were much more willing to tell us whom they did not trust than whom they did. Interestingly, this result came not just through the survey itself, but through our attempts to advertise the survey to diverse groups. An experience with serves as a telling example:

Considering the type of medium we are using (the Internet) how can anyone be sure of anything we find here??

I guess this is another reason engagement marketing is so much in vogue these days…Also the lack of trust in the Internet is understandable especially for the non-tech savvy, older users as they are the most targeted victims of all sorts of identity, phishing and other on-line frauds.


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