Introducing KarmaWeb

Jitendra has over 15 years of experience in software technology. He started his career as a software engineer in the EDA industry. In 2000, after his MBA, Jitendra joined Siebel systems as product manager for Siebel web platform – the platform used for all Siebel application to the web. When he left Siebel in April 2005, he was managing a team of 4 product managers and 3 product lines. In May 2005 Jitendra joined InQuira as director product management. At InQuira, he managed the company’s flagship search product. In his role, Jitendra set the course of product development and participated in closing a number of sizable deals.

Jitendra obtained his MBA degree from University of Chicago in 2000 and his B.Tech degree in EE from IIT Kanpur in 1993. At Chicago, he developed and marketed, the on-line edition of university of Chicago GSB school paper. He won the best PM award in PM group at Siebel for his efforts on the initiative to make the Siebel architecture more flexible.

Update 5/20/2009: Jitendra started (late 2006) and sold (March, 2009)  SezWho – an online reputation service for social media participants. In the process Jitendra raised $1.3 M in VC money, built up massive distribution, met a lot amazing people, did some innovative deals and all in all had a blast…


6 thoughts on “Introducing KarmaWeb

  1. Interesting topic/blog to watch. Added to my reader.
    BTW, may be you want to hyperlink “For background, refer to first post”. Going forward it would be inconvenience for readers to navigate back to the “first post”.

  2. Interesting blog you have here. Speaking of reputation, have you heard of WOT? It’s a new reputation system for websites, which is currently available as a Firefox extension.

  3. Jitendra

    FYI I drop here a comment that I gave on

    # 26

    @ Alex

    Thanks for the post. FYI I came here via

    Technorati doesn’t do a lot about content scrapers. I see you are on the WordPress platform and possibly can use this WP plug in: that i recently installed after I saw a couple of scrapers use my contents.

    Posted by: gje | March 11, 2007 03:57 AM

  4. Hi Jitendra,
    I have few thought abt the web security and authentication systems. I did a small research abt phishing, man in the middle attacks (MITM) and password hacking, so wanted to share my research on web that too at sensible place where people understand the stuff. May i have my posts posted here, in other words can we discuss about my research here, as I feel it is a good topic and most required in todays market.

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